About Me

I specialize in helping  Real Estate Professionals decrease taxes by up to 50% through strategic tax planning. 

About Me


My name is Shaunda Alston, and I am originally from North Carolina. I served 8 years in the United States Navy as a HM (best rate in the Navy). I have a MBA with a minor in Accounting and over 8 years of experience in Accounting.

I have a very energetic son that is the center of my world. I love traveling, shopping, and saving people money! 


Why Tax Accounting?


I personally know too many small business owners that have lost their business due to lack of financial education. Too many business owners pay more than their fair share in taxes. Too many business owners do not properly track their business financials. Too many business owners miss out on opportunities for growth because of poor record keeping and lack of financial education. 

I want to be part of the solution. I want to see business owners thrive and meet their full potential. Financial education is so important, and small business owners deserve to have someone that has their best interest. 

I am here to help. If you have a problem, then I will find you a solution!